Tips for Better Gas Mileage

July 14th, 2016

The cost of petrol rocketing forever upwards. So consider this page your guide to making the best
of a bad situation.Follow these tips and you should be able to improve your mpg - miles per gallon.
Better fuel economy = more cash in your pocket.


Measure Your Gas Mileage:

It’s obvious but a lot of people do not know how to measure their average gas mileage. Most cars nowadays can measure this with its onboard computer. While this is useful, it does tend to be optimistic. But for those who are more hands on this is how you can measure your gas mileage. Fill up your gas tank and reset your trip counter-this measures the distance you drive- before you drive away. The next time you fill up make a note of the number of gallons you put in and the trip counter reading. Divide the trip counter number by the number of gallons you’ve put in and there you have your average gas mileage.

Drive Smart:

If you’re pulling out from traffic lights quickly or just showing out for a friend, this behavior can have a serious effect on your gas mileage. Driving safe and calmly uses less gas and also keeps the road safe for others.

Tire Pressure:

Regularly check your tire pressure weekly. If your tire pressures are low, the you will be increasing the rolling resistance of the tire on the road, which in turn robs you of your fuel efficiency. Each tire       has a manufacturer recommended value and should at least meet that standard.

Change your Oil and Oil Filter

While you won’t see a massive increase by changing your oil and filter, you’re ensuring that your engine is lubricated and running correctly.


There are many other things that you can do to help improve gas mileage. In the end it is better for the environment and helps you with your monthly budget. Use these tips and more and start saving today!

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