Monthly Archives: August 2020

Should You Buy a Spare Tire

Many new cars are now missing a spare tire and are coming from the factory equipped with tires or inflator kits that claim to make a spare tire unnecessary. We usually don’t think about the need for a spare tire until we need it. You should always have a spare tire in your vehicle because you never know when you’ll get a flat or puncture and be on the side of the road stranded. A spare tire and wheel provide you with a direct replacement, allowing you to become mobile again until you get a tire repair service. Many spare tires for modern cars are smaller than normal tires to save on trunk space, gas mileage, weight, and cost, and they should not be driven on for long before replacement with a full-size tire. Don't wait until you're on the side of the road to invest in a spare tire. If your vehicle doesn’t come equipped with a spare, purchase a spare tire so you can safely replace a damaged tire, and travel to your nearest auto repair shop for proper service ... read more

Social Distancing Behind the Wheel

Your vehicle is a good way to maintain social distance compared to taking the bus, train or a taxi. If you are traveling in a vehicle with other people, you can still ensure that social distancing is being practiced by sitting at the far opposite side of the car (2m or 6 feet separation). You also need to consider how many people are in the cab, perhaps using a larger vehicle to provide more distance between occupants and always ensure good ventilation by keeping windows open where possible. Social distancing simply means keeping a safe distance away from other people and includes measures such as not shaking hands and staying about 6 feet away from other people. In your vehicle, staying 6 feet apart is difficult, but there are other preventative measures you can take. There should also be routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, and controls. Of course wearing a mask may also be a good idea. Social Distanc ... read more

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