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Tire Patterns and What They Mean

Tires are one of the most important safety and performance features of a vehicle. These specialized tools are the only part of your car which maintains direct contact with the road. This means there is a lot of planning and design put into the functionality of your tires. Look at your tires, what do you see? A mesmerizing pattern, since performance is key.The design of the tread on your tires isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. The arrangement of cuts into the rubber is done with the purpose of increasing traction, grip and overall functionality. The last time you bought tires, you probably heard terms like “symmetrical,” “directional” and maybe you were introduced to “seasonal tires” or even “all-weather tires.” These tires each gain their classifications because of the tread design they have. Tire Patterns Explained Most brands of tires use a variety of tread designs for each of the tire lines they produce. These d ... read more

5 Common Power Steering Problems

In order to reduce the need for effort from the driver to steer the vehicle, engines incorporate a system referred to as “power steering.” This is a hydraulic system which uses power steering fluid to build pressure which is then used to change the direction of the wheels. This means you don’t need to arm wrestle with your steering wheel when trying to take a turn. When your car’s power steering system begins to fail — or the fluid needs to be replaced — it can make it much harder to control around curves and corners. There are a few problems which can cause this issue. Here are some common problems associated with the failure of your power steering system. Leaking Power Steering Fluid — The power steering system uses a special fluid to transfer the pressure to change the direction of your wheels. If this fluid has been compromised and is leaking, then the ability to build pressure in the fluid is harder to do. This means taking curves ... read more

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