Monthly Archives: March 2020

Benefits of a Clean Auto Air Filter

Did you know that changing your air filter can increase your car's fuel efficiency and prolong its engine life? The air filter's job is to deliver 10,000 gallons of clean air to the engine for every gallon of gas burned to enter the engine. Though it's only one small component among the many that make your car run, the air filter plays a big role in how your car runs and how long it runs. Car engines need an equal amount of fuel and clean air in order to run efficiently and smoothly. To make sure that your engine receives only the cleanest air and prevents damage from small dirt and particles, air filters for cars are installed. The major benefits of keeping your auto air filter clean are: Better Fuel Economy — If your car doesn't get enough air, your car will consume more fuel than it otherwise would. Your air filter plays a role in how efficiently your vehicle uses fuel. A clean air filter will help your car go farther on a tank of gas than it ... read more

Why You Should Store Your Winter Tires

Tire storage is an important factor in maximizing the life of your tires. While swapping out one set of tires for another is a challenge in itself, once your winter tires are removed, you still need to store them properly for the warm months ahead. It’s important that your tires be properly stored when they’re not in use in order to make sure they’re ready to go when the temperature drops. Storing your winter tires is beneficial because: Improper storage can result in reduced life for your tires or end up making them unusable. If your tires are not stored properly heat, UV light, or direct sunlight can break down the rubber and cause them to become damaged. Tires become unstable and deformed and you won’t be able to use them. Proper storage prolongs the life of your tires. Outgassing — aged rubber loses volatile oils which makes tires crack or “dry-rot.” Tire Storage Q&AsCan tires be stored outside? Tires are best k ... read more

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