Monthly Archives: October 2020

How to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Owning a vehicle in today’s modern society is a fundamental necessity. However, there is one element about vehicle ownership that frustrates most of us. Although auto repairs and maintenance service can be frazzling, the constant rise in the price of fuel is one of the biggest issues for motorists. As gas prices remain high, improving your car’s mileage is crucial. You want to utilize every possible way of stretching a tank of gas further and reduce the number of times you must fill up per month. Regardless of what car you drive, you can always use a little extra money at the end of the month, and cutting back your gas expenses is a great way to do so. There are many tips that you can implement to help increase your mileage and save money on gas. Cars run their best and consume less fuel when they are well maintained. Below are a few ways to keep your car in peak condition and improve your fuel economy. Our Recommended Steps to Reduce Fuel ConsumptionReduce Ex ... read more

How to Inspect Your Tires

Your car’s tires are a huge part of your driving experience and a crucial component of the safe performance of your vehicle. Tires are the car's connection to the road. They help you to accelerate, brake, and keep your car under control. A good set of tires can make the difference between a safe, smooth ride and a dangerous vehicle on the road. On the other hand, bad tires can wear out the car and reduce gas mileage by requiring more effort to do its job. Faulty tires can also cause other problems with your car. Wheel alignment, suspension, tire balancing, and brakes can all be affected by the condition of your tires. Tire failure can be catastrophic. According to recent studies, an estimated 11,000 car crashes per year are caused by tire failure. These accidents were as a result of worn-out tire tread, under-inflated tires, and blowouts. Taking time to properly care for your vehicle with routine tire inspections and car maintenance is important. You should perform a tire in ... read more

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