What Do Shocks and Struts Do For Your Vehicle?

While shock and struts are not costly to change out, most drivers often forget them. In some cases, ignoring worn suspension can lead to life-threatening consequences. Today, we will further discuss what shocks and struts do for your vehicle and signs that you need suspension replacement.

The Purpose of Shocks & Struts

Shocks and struts are an essential part of your vehicle that enables smooth and safe rides. Thanks to shocks and struts, you should never feel any major bumps on the road unless your vehicle is very old. They also play a role in improving and smoothening your vehicle movements when you turn, accelerate, or brake. Some cars use shocks only, while others have a combination of both. The difference between the two parts is that a shock is an independent component, while a strut is a structural unit that includes the shock with other parts.

Common Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts

How frequently you should replace your suspension parts depends on various factors: how often you drive on rough roads, the size of loads you carry, and more. You can keep an eye out on the following symptoms of worn shocks and struts:

  • An overly bouncy car occurs when you brake or hit bumps on the road.
  • Instability while accelerating
  • The front-end of the vehicle dips when coming to a stop
  • Uneven tire wear can indicate that your shocks and struts need attention
  • Weird sounds coming fromthe suspension system 
  • A hydraulic fluid leak near the shocks and struts

Suspension Repair in West Monroe, LA

Shocks and struts are essential parts of your vehicle's suspension system. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, please do not hesitate to visit the experts at Parker Tire & Alignment today!

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