What to Know About Speedometer Repairs

Most people don’t realize how important their vehicle speedometers are until it goes bad. The reality is that we use this device every day to keep track of our speed. When the speedometer is faulty, we aren’t able to gauge whether we are speeding or not. Plus, you can be putting yourself at risk of a speeding ticket and accident if you’re not careful. If you notice something off with your vehicle’s speedometer, please visit the repair specialists at Parker Tire & Alignment soon.

How to Tell If Your Speedometer is Malfunctioning

Your vehicle’s onboard computer is able to detect many different problems, including a bad speedometer. Therefore, in some cars, the check engine light may come on if your speedometer is off. Next, a bad speedometer will also cause the cruise control system to be inoperative. However, the most apparent sign of a failing speedometer is if it stops or glitches. For example, if the needle is dancing all over the place, please have your speedometer fixed.

Speedometer Calibration

Failures definitely call for speedometer resets, but did you know that modifications made to your car require speedometer service too? When you make changes to the size of your tires or lift your vehicle, it can affect how accurate your speedometer is. Please be sure to consult with your technician to be sure.

Why Is My Speedometer Malfunctioning

A faulty speed sensor is one of the most common explanations for an inaccurate speedometer. The speedometer relies on sensors to determine the exact speed at which your vehicle travels. It also plays an active role in controlling your speed whenever you switch on the cruise control feature. Last but not least, it has an effect on fuel and air control.


Another reason behind your speedometer glitch could be a problem with the ECU or Electronic Control Unit. When this computerized device fails, it can cause false readings. Last but not least, a broken speedometer can be caused by electrical failures like burnt fuses or wiring issues. These electrical components can fail due to a number of reasons, including water damage. This type of damage requires a professional mechanic with electrical experience.


Don’t put your life at risk with a broken speedometer. If you are looking for dependable and accurate speedometer repairs in West Monroe, LA, and surrounding areas, please call or visit the auto experts at Parker Tire & Alignment soon.

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