Why is My Car Shaky When I Brake?

Have you noticed that every time you apply brakes your car vibrates? Even when you are driving on a smooth tarmac road, your car still vibrates immediately when you apply brakes. This is called Brake Shudder.

Brake Shudder is the vibration felt through the brake pedal and steering wheel when the brakes are applied.

Causes of Brake Shudder

You can tell whether the issue is on the rear brakes or the front brakes by where you feel the vibrations from.

If the vibrations are felt on the brake pedals, this means that the rear brakes are faulty and need fixing. When the vibrations are felt on the steering wheel, this means that the front brakes are faulty.

There are a few reasons why your vehicle may shake when you apply breaks. The next time you apply breaks and experience a vibration, here are some reasons why.

  • When braking rotors are used over time, they tend to wear out unevenly. For braking to be smooth, the braking pads need to be in complete contact with rotors. This is why if the rotors are worn out the parts not in contact tend to cause vibration.
  • Just like the rotors, brake pads also wear out after being used for a while. Worn out brake pads may be the reason why you experience vibrations when you apply brakes.
  • Dirty brake pads also cause vibrations because of the small particles that may be in the middle of the brake pad and the rotor can cause uneven contact and also cause brake shudder.
  • Another cause of vibrations can be when the vehicle is not properly aligned.

You will need a certified mechanic to tell you which of these is causing your car to vibrate when you apply brakes.

If you need a brake repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Parker Tire & Alignment today!

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