Check Engine Light Diagnostics in West Monroe, LA

We understand that dreadful feeling of seeing your vehicle’s check engine light turn on. This light indicates that there is a problem with a major component of your vehicle, and needs to be checked out as soon as possible. Once the check engine light has turned on, try to minimize your driving as much as possible, and then get your vehicle into the experts here at Parker Tire & Alignment in West Monroe, LA. Our qualified experts are experienced working on all makes and models of vehicles and can help determine the cause of the issue in a timely manner.

Our West Monroe auto repair shop is the top choice for testing and diagnostics in the area. Our auto repair center has the latest technology and advanced computer diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose and repair any issue with your vehicle. The check engine light can be triggered by a number of different issues, big and small. The computer system in your vehicle is connected to sensors that monitor the performance of certain components. If a sensor detects a problem with one of those parts, it sends a signal to your vehicle’s computer system that something isn’t right.

Once this signal is received, your vehicle’s check engine light will turn on. In order to find the source of the problem, our experts have to run diagnostic tools on your vehicle to determine the source code of the issue. This will point us to the area of the problem and guide us in determining what needs to be repaired. We recommend that your vehicle is inspected as soon as the light turns on to prevent a small problem from turning into a larger, more expensive repair if ignored.

Once we understand the issue at hand, we provide you with a complete estimate of our recommendations and service plan. Rest assured, any repairs performed at our shop are backed by our excellent 24 month/24,000-mile warranty. We stand behind the quality of our work and only use the best parts and products when working on your vehicle. This is why our shop has been trusted in the West Monroe area since 2010 and counting.

If you need check engine light diagnostics in West Monroe, LA, bring your vehicle to the professionals here at Parker Tire & Alignment for service today!

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